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For over a month now, I have been studying and meditating on the book of Hebrews and I am just so amazed at what God has revealed.  Now, I am no theologian, but to sum up the book in one phrase, I would say, “Jesus is better than__________.”  That blank is filled in with many different things throughout the book and I just want to share what some of those blanks are that God has shown me.  This isn’t “Jesus is better than coffee” or “Jesus is better than money” type stuff…no, no, this goes waaay beyond that.  I encourage everyone to read the book of Hebrews.  It is my second favorite book in the Bible.  There is a wealth of understanding of how Jesus fulfills and completes a lot of Old Testament law and practice, therefore reading it gives you a much better understanding of the Old Testament.  If you always wondered about that dude Melchizedek…read Hebrews.  If you always wondered why there had to be so much sprinkling of blood on everything…read Hebrews.  If you always wondered what the deal was with the whole high priest thing…read Hebrews.  Here is what I have come to understand through my own reading, study, and meditation:

Jesus is better than the prophets – The first verse says that God in the past spoke to us through many different prophets and in many different ways, but now He has spoken to us through His Son.  In the Old Testament we see many different prophets coming at many different times speaking different messages to different people.  But now, through Jesus,  the word of God is complete.  We have everything we will ever have with regards to revelation of God.  God does not send new prophets to speak His message in new and various ways.  There are far too many people who are still relying on that new and fresh “word of God” that comes from the mouth of somebody other than Jesus.  A greater emphasis therefore is placed on the prophet rather than on Jesus.  But God’s word shows us in Hebrews that the word of God spoken through Jesus is the last and complete revelation of God.  We don’t look any further.  Christ has completed God’s message to the world. No more different people and different ways…one person – Jesus…one way – the cross.

Jesus is better than the angels – In Chapter 1 of Hebrews we are told that the purpose of angels is to minister to those people who will inherit salvation that comes through Jesus Christ.  Therefore it is crystal clear that Jesus is greater than the angels.  It’s like a herald who goes throughout the kingdom and announces a great and wonderful proclamation of the king.  Do the people rejoice so much in the herald himself (a mere messenger) or do they rejoice in the king who has given the proclamation?  It’s a no-brainer that the people would rejoice in the king.  But why is it that so many people today want to place greater emphasis on the angels in their lives instead of rejoicing and worshiping the One who commissioned the angels.  There are too many bumper stickers that say “Angels watching over me” and not enough that say “Jesus is watching over me”.  We need to worship the king more and the herald less.

Jesus is better than Moses – Chapter 3 of Hebrews tells us that Jesus was greater than Moses.  Moses was definitely “the man” in many ways, I mean, he was the only one who spoke with God and saw God pass by Him…he’s way up there, but Jesus surpasses him all the way.  A comparison is given between a builder of a house and the house itself.  Moses was a servant in the tabernacle (house) of which Jesus is the original designer and builder of the tabernacle.  Moses was a servant…Jesus was and is the son.  Jesus is better than Moses. I think too many times we esteem a great man of God above God Himself.  I once heard a young girl who was in a missions agency talk about her leader and say that she would “gladly follow and serve that man for the rest of her life.”  May it be that the only one whom we say we will gladly follow and serve our whole lives is Jesus.  There are certainly great men and women of God and it is ok to admire them and respect them, but we must realize that they, just like Moses, are servants in the house of which Jesus is the builder, designer, owner, and landLORD.

My next post on this will be about how Jesus is a better high priest…and in that we will learn about Melchizedek…it’s really cool stuff…seriously


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