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I just saw this on the news…very heartbreaking.  Please pray for these children and families in Haiti.  The school is in an area just outside of Port Au Prince.  It was run by a minister.  They say that 30 people have died so far, and there are many more trapped underneath all the rubble.  Please pray for the rescue efforts of all people involved.

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Thank you for your prayers…


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I just got off the phone with one of our contacts where we were working in Haiti and was told that the death toll is now over 500 and still climbing due to the hurricanes that have devastated Haiti.  People are literally starving to death and dying of thirst because of all of the flooding.

Many thousands of homes have been completely destroyed.  The homes that are still standing are under flood waters right now and the people are living on their rooftops in hopes of being rescued.  They have absolutely no food…they are dying.!!

The village where we just returned from, Camp Coq (a tiny village 2 hours from the city of Cape Haitien) has been devastated.  Homes where we were just visiting last week are completely gone.  The church and orphanage are ok, and any other home made of concrete.  But the homes that are not made of concrete have been destroyed.  But even though some homes are ok, the major problem is that these people have no food!

Jamare’s home has been destroyed.  Where will she go?

Please people, we must do something!  Here is what I am suggesting:

1. Contact as many people, churches, groups, etc as you can and let them know of the situation.  Refer them to this blog so that they can be updated of the situation, or tell them to go on-line and do a search for what is happening in Haiti.  I just started this blog and don’t have a lot of traffic, so please help me get this word out. Post it on your websites, blogs, emails, etc.

2. We need to collect money so that we can buy large bags of rice and beans.  A 100lb bag of rice costs $70.  The food prices in Haiti are terrible.  Even before these hurricanes, there have been major problems because of the massive increase in food costs.  A large bag of beans costs $90.

3.  People can make a check payable to the Delaware Baptist Association, and write “Haiti Relief” in the memo, and I can make sure you get a receipt for tax purposes as long as you send me your name and address. Please send to:

4.  Once the money has been collected, we will purchase the food from a supplier who is in Haiti.  Then we will send a team of people down there to help get the food to these people who are stranded. 

Please help…there has to be trust in this I know…many of you might not know me…and might be skeptical of just sending money somewhere…but I am asking, for the sake of starving and dying people, that you put that skepticism aside and give out of your heart. 

I know the Lord will be glorified in all of this.  And I pray that He puts it on the hearts of many people to give generously so that lives can be saved.  Please leave me a comment if you have any questions or you can always send me an email at Cody@delawarebaptist.com

Anything you can give will be of great help.  These people have absolutely nothing.

Thank you so much…please pray, pray, pray.

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